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Color, size, independent packaging, 20 3D three-dimensional mixed colors, independent packaging, 20 3D three-dimensional cherry powder, independent packaging, 20 3D three-dimensional frost grass blue, independent packaging, 20 3D three-dimensional light rattan purple,,,

The four piece set is good, with exquisite packaging, pure cotton, good hand feel, soft and smooth, elegant design and color, and standard size. The color is too different from the publicized pictures. It's not worth the 249 yuan. I'm too lazy to leave in case of urgent use. Think 3 before you place an order. I don't want to give you a star. Fabric material: general color pattern: General touch feel: general product packaging: good other features: the color is very different from the publicity picture, which is its biggest feature. The packaging is very good and exquisite, which is worth buying back. Touch feel: the fabric feels very good. Great. Choose Yalan for products at the same price. Used to be an employee of Yalan. The company has hair on New Year's holidays. It's comfortable and durable......

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