Makeup edge lace hollowed out Bedside Table Cover Towel cover dust cover washing machine TV set refrigerator microwave oven multipurpose square towel cover cloth

Color, size, sunflower Warm Beige, plum blossom towel Warm Beige, Fugui flower, 6060cm, 8080cm, 9090cm, 120120cm, 140140cm, 80140cm, 90120cm, 90160cm, 90200cm, 130180cm, 140200cm,,

Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, double 11 activity repurchase, just came home to see the real object to evaluate, has bought several sets of quilt cover sets, which do not shrink and fade after washing, the cloth is soft, the color is particularly beautiful, the product packaging is very good, and now fuanna's quilt covers are used at home. The price is OK, the quality is good, the cost performance is relatively high, and the design and color are very good. The older generation likes these, but they think they are too plain. The packaging is very good, the color is good, and they haven't tried it yet. Now it's a little thin. When they were in the 10 billion subsidy activity, they bought this fuanna's four piece bed set. After receiving it, I thought I liked it very much because I thought the design and design was very special and atmospheric. The colors match very well. He immediately opened it and spread it on the bed. He felt the room take on a new look. Good bedding gives the impression that it is high-end and atmospheric. I will continue to buy fuanna's products in the future. It will also be recommended to friends for everyone to share: the happiness of buying fuanna bedding to decorate the home. The fabric is very comfortable, the color pattern with good softness: bright color, touch feel: good feel, cotton product packaging: good packaging, tight

Concealer Revlon (Revlon) clean natural makeup effect liquid foundation, matte fog surface makeup, anti pollution liquid foundation, 22ml

Mask anti stuffy support inner support anti strangulation anti stuffy artifact support frame anti rubbing makeup 3D three-dimensional breathable nose