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Color, size, Aqua (z) Aerospace bear, aqua (z) oil painting brush, aqua (scratch bear, white (z) color bear, white (z) blue bear, white (Le Yi Le chest logo), green (Z simple white, green (Z oil painting brush), green (Z Aerospace bear, warm orange (Z mighty tiger, warm orange (Z perfect), warm orange (Z carefree fox, azure (Z Chinese style), azure (Z big dry rice man, azure (big life home, black (Z peak of mountain), black (Z lion tiger, black (Z mighty tiger, black) (Z mysterious word blue, s) (about 90-100 kg recommended, M (about 100-110 Jin is recommended, about 120-130 Jin is recommended, about 140-150 Jin is recommended, about 160-170 Jin is recommended, about 180-190 Jin is recommended, about 200-210 Jin is recommended, about 220-230 Jin is recommended, and about 240-260 Jin is recommended.),,

Deli 3885 drilling machine is used. I bought the drill bits from this company. Different people have different opinions. I suggest you don't buy them. Two pieces have been broken in two weeks after arrival, and the remaining piece of paper will rust. The material is really poor. See, how brittle the material is. I regret buying two small drill bits. I don't know how to expect the quality is poor. I only ordered a few evaluation certificates on the first day of arrival, and I haven't asked the leader for reimbursement, I can't explain! I bought a bookbinding machine because I had to pack a lot of vouchers and prepared several more drill bits & hellip& hellip; good. I bought it for the second time and installed it myself. I was very satisfied

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